My Story

Hi, my name is Alan Flanagan. I found myself in late 2013 not being able to cope with day-to-day living. I have a great marriage, happy children but was never quite happy with my career. I went from Hotel Management to Retail Management to having my own wholesale coffee company to training as a reiki and reflexologist practitioner.

After years of self-employment and a family bereavement, it all got too much, this led to what I can only describe as my body shutting down to restart in a better version, much like powering down a computer to start again. Lots of issues occurred from this such as an inability to manage my job, serious stomach bacterial issues and deep depression. I tried everything to get myself back to some kind of normality without much success until I found a Neuro Energetic Kinesiologist. I honestly did not know what it was going to do for me, but I had tried everything else. I went for three sessions, as I did not feel any different after the first two, so I reluctantly went for a third one, however, after it I could feel a shift in myself, a motivation I had not seen in a long time. Over time, I improved so much that I decided to train as a Neuro Energetic-Kinesiologist and it was the best decision I have ever made.

I understand now that I was so weak and stressed at the time, the Kinesiologist was removing layers of stress from me. As she said to me, I had 30 years of stress to be balanced. As we all are, I am still a work in progress, managing my stress as it comes to me, but always able to, not like before.

My role now is to facilitate a safe place for you, to help in any way I can to balance and alleviate your symptoms so you can shine to the best of your ability. My experiences or health issues may not make me an expert on your issues, but I will listen to you, I will hear you, I will take time to try to resolve your issue or trauma in a safe environment. There might be tears – yours and mine, possibly a few laughs and maybe some anger from you, but without a doubt, there will be care, attention and compassion waiting for you at every session and a plan of what to do so you can be the best version of yourself.