Helping children to reach their full potential

The Child Centre method is a non-invasive program of energetic and movement related treatments to promote development of your child/babies nervous system and the integration of primitive reflexes. By de-stressing the issue around the primitive reflex, we are enabling the reflex to integrate as it should be with the child/baby. This method gently encourages the nervous system to mature and become open to learning, be it crawling, walking, co-ordination, ability to cope and function with ease. The Child Centre method incorporates Kinesiology, Optimal Health Balance (OHB), Neural Organisational Techniques (NOT) and energetic healing.

Child Centre Method Leitrim

The Child Centre Method is a Learning and Behaviour Improvement Program for children. Its creator Dr. Alweena Awan from the UK is an author, lecturer and leading therapist in child development. She has worked with children for over twenty years, as a teacher, physical educator and therapist. Dr. Awan received her Doctorate in “Raising Children’s Learning and Performance in Schools”, in 2008. She explains that The Child Centre Method is a “systematic integrated program that allows the practitioner to firstly identify the individual challenges that each student/client faces and secondly, to create a unique program for that individual”.

Retained Primitive Reflexes are the keys to understanding children’s learning and behaviour issues and are at the heart of The Child Centre Method.

Child Centre Method Leitrim

What are Primitive Relexes?

Primitive and Postural Reflexes are programmed automatic movements which develop in Utero for our survival. An example is the Moro reflex, which allows a new born to take its first breath. Problems arise if the reflex is retained, as the body is held in “flight/flight” mode. As a baby grows up, this primitive reflex is replaced by newly learned movements, in a process of integration.

However, when the process of integration is not complete, the reflex will have an adverse effect on a child’s emotional well-being as well as how the child learns and behaves.

ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, difficulty with reading and writing, concentration and emotional management are examples of issues related to retained primitive reflexes.

How does The Child Centre Method help with Retained Primitive Reflexes?

The Child Centre Method uses physical movement capacity tests to determine the child’s issues and the Primitive Reflexes involved.

When these have been accurately determined, a unique plan can be created for the child. The plan is determined by selecting elements of the program to suit the specific needs of the child.

Possible outcomes from the Child Centre Method Program

Concentration Outcomes

  • Improved organisation and planning
  • Less forgetful
  • Less easily distracted
  • Sitting calmly, and reduced figiting
  • Attention span increase

Social Outcomes

  • Easier to make and keep friends
  • Smiles more
  • Enjoys playtime more
  • Mixing better and no longer standing on the periphery of the playground or classroom

Co-Ordination Outcomes

  • Ease when climbing stairs
  • Easier to learn how to tie shoelaces
  • Better posture when walking and running
  • Improved sports skills
  • Easier to learn how to swim
  • Reduced clumsiness
    e.g. bumping into objects and/or falling
  • Improved general balance

Behavioural and Emotional Outcomes

  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Reduction in Anxiety
  • Calmer reaction to difficult situations
  • Improved self confidence
  • Behaves relevant to age

Reading & Writing Outcomes

  • Reduce symptoms of Dyslexia
  • Improved speed and quality of writing and motor skills
  • Improved speech and hearing
  • Improved reading
  • Improved spelling
  • Good working memory
  • Improved pencil grip
  • Eliminates turning of copies to write at an angle
  • Improved transcription from board to copy
  • Improved maths and time management